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CASCO Circliner is a molded round fiber glass duct liner for heating and air conditioning systems, It is the most efficient and economical method of internally lining round metal duct system.  This provides superior acoustical and thermal performance.



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Coated Circliner II has a tough, durable internal surface which isolates the fiberglass substrate from the air stream to preclude penetration of the insulation by dust, dirt and other pollutants. This product is great for projects that require no fiberglass particals in the air stream. All ends are also coated for protecting the insulation in the air stream.



Product Information Sheet




Circliner can be made-to-order and pre-installed in pipe and are available in a wide variety of fittings. On all Coated Circliner the ends are also coated for protecting the insulation in the air stream and when delivered, the product is ready to install,



All Circle Liner Products Available in

  • 1", 1 and 2" Liner Thickness

  • 1" liner (ID/OD )Diameters    6/8", 8/10",10/12", 12/14", 14/16", 16/18", 18/20", 20/22"

  • 1" liner (ID/OD )Diameters 6/9", 7/10", 9/12", 11/14", 13/16", 15/18", 17/20", 19/22"

  • 2" liner (ID/OD )Diameters    6/10", 8/12", 10/14", 12/16", 14/18", 16/20", 18/22"

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