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 Accessories for Product Installation

Flexible Duct

Standard, Acoustical, High Pressure

Aluminum Duct

Flexible, Bare, Wrapped

Spiral Pipe

Bare, Insulated or Wrapped

Circle Liner

1", 1½" and 2"Thickness

Sheet Metal

Plenums, Elbows, Tys, Tapers, Dampers...


Lay-in Supply, Return Molded Fiberglass


Sheetmetal,Spin-In, Dutboard and Universal


Duct Wrap, Tape, Strap, Sealer...

Duct Board

Plenums, Sound Boots, Transfer Duct...

Residential Products

Boots, Boxes, Cans, Flashings, Riser, Vent...







Duct wrap is a blanket of fiberglass insulation factory laminated to a vapor facing for use in commercial and residential heating, air conditioning and dual temperature duct for thermal performance and condensation control.


We stock 1½" thick x 48" wide x 100' rolls. Call for other R-values and thicknesses and size availability.







UL181A  - Approved foil tape for ductboard closure

                FASSON - 2½ x 60 yds.  (16 rolls per/case)



UL181B  - Approved duct tape for flexible duct  closure

                VENTURE #1599B - 2 x 120 yds.  (24 rolls per/case)



All tapes can purchase by single roll or per/case.



DP 1010 A premium, smooth water-based, UL listed, high velocity grey duct sealant for commercial and residential use. 

DP 1020  A premium, fiber reinforced water-based, UL listed, high velocity grey duct sealant for commercial and residential use. 

Qualifies for Leed™



MALCO TY6- Tensioning Tool with Auto Cut Off for continuous use on-the-job is designed for a heavy user of nylon ties. An adjustment knob allows installer to set desired tension for securing flex duct to a take-off collar. Nylon tie installation is fast and easy with the and Works on all ties including thin designs.

Features a hardened steel body, long wearing parts, and a weather resistant nickel chrome finish to assure many years of dependable service

UV RESISTANT NYLON DUCT TIES are 36" long and are packaged with 50 ties per bag. 1-duct tie is required through 10" diameter pipe and 2-duct ties  required through 20" diameter pipe.


80' Rolls of 1½" Hanger strap. Comes in an easy pull out box and use only what you need. We have 24ga and 24ga stock and also carry 26ga with pre-punched holes.

Cut to Length  Non-stock made to order hanger strap can also be provided. Hangers from 26ga to 16ga and up to 10' long can be special ordered.

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